Posted on: April 30, 2011 3:56 pm

How Much Of A Reach

Was it to take Ponder so early in the draft ? Now I'm not mad that the Vikes went out and got a QB in this draft, but I was very perplexed as to where we selected him. The way I saw it, we could have waited till the 3rd or 4th rd to find a QB. I thought there were players still on the board that could have made a much larger impact their first year on the field than Ponder. My only real question is, how serious are the Vikings when it comes to attaining McNabb ? If we're serious, and we land him, then Ponder can sit at least a year, possibly two behind a veteran who can show him what it takes to go from rookie QB to legit starter in the league. If we're not serious about McNabb, then who's our security blanket ? Joe Webb ? Look, I'm as impressed by his overall athleticism as anyone, but let's face it, he's still very raw, with many questions about him still to be answered.

This is just a curious pick to me. Ponder probably would have been gone by the 3rd rd the way teams were mad scrambling and reaching due to the uncertainty of the upcoming season, but I just can't find a legit reason as to why the Vikes decided to be one of those scrambling teams and reach at 12 when they could have waited till the 3rd, or if they were in scramble mode, trade up back into the 2nd and take someone like Dalton. Hell, we probably could have taken Ponder then too, I even believe we could have landed Ponder in the 3rd.

I just don't think the Vikes needed to take such a reach, even without the 2nd rd pick. Maybe because we didn't have a 2nd round pick the Vikes felt a need to reach in the 1st rd because they weren't drafting till the 3rd. Who knows. All I know is I feel we could have waited on selecting the QB, and done a much better job with our first rd pick. Again, I'm happy about it, because we've brought in a young QB to build around (if he pans out), but my only question is, if he falters, if he stumbles, who's our security blanket ? If it's just Webb, and there isn't a veteran presence to help out our young QB's to develope, I see a very long, difficult road for Viking fans whenever the season does get under way. But who knows, maybe Ponder will surprise everyone, and pull a Matt Ryan out of his hat. Man that'd be sweet. But until I see that happen, I'm still under the belief that we definitely took a reach, we definitely could have waited, and we definitely have taken a gamble with our first rd pick this year, a gamble I feel we could have avoided, but instead chose not to.

So if any Vikings fans read this and want to put in their two cents, please do, always nice to read the feedback from fellow MN'sotans. And even if you're not a Vikings fan, but love the NFL, put down your insight as well if you'd like about Ponder and the Vikings selection of him. Because currently as it stands, I'm still trying to figure out a way to turn this reach into more positives than negatives
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Posted on: September 18, 2009 3:30 am

I hate to be the one that says it

But the WNBA needs to be disbanded. The league is losing money. Stern is losing money off it. Already playoff games are being moved from their original venues because of get this, a Dinosaur exhibit and Sesame Street. Sesame Street!? Really!? A WNBA playoff games brings in less revenue than Sesame Street!? That is pathetic! Now I'm all for equal rights, and all that jazz. But come on, this is not about equal rights, it's about putting a worthwhile product on the court that attracts fans, sponsership, and revenue. The WNBA is failing on all fronts. I honestly thought the WNBA would actually get some decent support. Women's College Basketball is nowhere near where WNBA is, the same players that are aiming to get to the WNBA might not even want to ? What's the incentive ? The benefit of all woman kind ? News flash, having your own sports league does not constitute who you are as a person or sex. If women think they need their own professional sports outlet to gain respect, they are wrong. Women athletes are respected throughout the world pro or not because you are an athlete. Athletes garner respect for what they're able to do at the level they're involved. Man or Woman. And the WNBA is just a fail. Why would a young girl want to aspire to become a WNBA player ? So she can play in front of hundred of fans ? So she can get herself seen on Lifetime television ? What is the point!? To be an ambassador of the game ? You can do that in college, you can do that in Europe (where professional women's basketball is as big as men's). There's still outlets. Sadly, the one outlet they have in America is failing. Why do I state it's failing, because whenever you watch a game, even a playoff game, there is barely ever ANY change in fan attendance. There is basically no change in television time. It's the playoffs, and games are being moved because of Sesame Street!? We're calling this successful!? Really!? The standards of success have lowered considerably then, cripes. Now I'm not saying that the WNBA is going to fold, I'm not even saying I want it to, I actually think it's still a great idea because it gives girls in athletics something to shoot for other than an Olympic spot or Europe. I commend Stern for trying, it's just it seems his best isn't good enough anymore, and he needs major help to get the WNBA back on track. If your playoff games are losing their own venues to crap like Sesame Street, we have problems. Even if Stern doesn't want to admit it, they're there, and have been for the past 3 years I believe. Side note, the WNBA's only profitable season was their debut season, since then, revenues and sponserships have dropped, leaving some teams to actually have to cut their cap to stay afloat. Some teams have already collapsed around the league while new one's are trying to find success. The WNBA has been on a rollercoaster of nonstop inconsistancy since year 2, and it's difficult to watch what is the only option for young girls who love basketball and want to turn pro, but not in Europe go down the way it is. Pretty soon young girls who aspire to be professional athletes like the boys aren't going to have any options, and really, how is that equal opportunity ? Then again when you've been given a chance like the WNBA, I guess equal opportunity is out the window since you've gotten it, and have done nothing with it. Which is the sadest news. They've done nothing to improve or help it. The league continues to flounder, lose sponserships, lose revenue, teams get dropped, the league shrinks, and pretty soon there's only going to be two WNBA team's left, LA and NY cause they can afford it. Sad.
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Posted on: September 7, 2009 2:02 pm

The New Year

With the NFL just a week away, I thought I'd share my own op1n1on as to why this is, to me, one of the greatest times of year (with Christmas still ahead).

Why it's great to be at home : Because if you're lucky enough to receive the NFL Network you get tons of games to choose from, because whether you like the people at the desk or not, the pre game and post game shows are usually always better than whatever else is on at the time. The return of tracking your fantasy team online. Because you can just sit back with your favorite snacks and enjoy a Sunday filled with your favorite sport. Because you can always turn the volume up whenever annoyances show up. Because you can drink as much as you want without being escorted out by the police. Because aside from live action, watching in HD is great.

Why it's great to be at the bars : Because you can still drink as much as you want (but the police still might have to escort you out). Because even though it costs money, you get the kind of gameday snacks most of us are too lazy to prepare. Because there's usually some pretty hot girls to view with the game. Because bars usually always have multiple hd tv's with multiple games going. Because it's a great place to meet up with large #'s of friends without trashing your own home. Because it's just plain good to get out once and awhile (even if it is for the NFL season).

Why it's great to be there live : Because simply, you're there live. Because even though it costs lots of money, there's still drinking! (though with limits inside the stadium). Because tailgating is an American tradition. Because there's tons of people to meet while tailgating. Because yelling at the refs finally makes sense! They might actually hear you! (I hate when people yell at the tv...they can't hear you idiot). Because there's nothing like enjoying your team surrounded by the home fans. Because there's no better experience than a live game. Because you get to experience the stadium. Because when you walk through the turnstyles, you know it's time!

Why it's great overall : Because it's football! Also because the new football video games come out! So not only do you get football on the television, but you get it on your console whenever there isn't football to watch! It's the best of both worlds for avid fans of the game and gaming!

I'm excited for the new year to begin, and am so happy college has already started. Let's hope for a great year from both that fills our minds with memories to laugh, talk, argue, and cheer about.

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Posted on: September 1, 2009 12:31 am

Oh Rubio

I always had it in the back of my mind that you'd stay overseas. I still believe you want to play in the NBA, and will wait so you don't have to " buy out " for the Wolves to possibly trade you. Who knows, maybe you'll want to play for us in two years. I for one am tired of Minnesota teams having to deal with drama when it comes to sports and sports figures. Favre, Joe Smith, J.R. Rider, Christian Laettner to name a few, and now your name pretty much makes that list Mr. Rubio. I hope Flynn flourishes and thrives for us, enjoys his time here, and forms a dangerous trio with Jefferson and Love. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in Spain, but for some reason I can honestly see you still trying to find a way to get your buy out just so you can be put back in the American spotlight. I'm sure the Spanish media is crazy and the YouTuber's can't get enough of you, but when it comes to media lunacy, America is where it's at, and you sir, probably enjoyed the stories you created. I still wish you best of luck because I don't think you were detrimental, just a distraction. Just another headline to pay attention to when Minnesota fans were done reading about the Twins, the Vikings off season, and the Wild re-building. I can't wait till the Wolves are back in the eyes of Minnesotan's as a winning franchise, hopefully you're on a losing franchise on your last contract year (so you could at least leave after the year) giving the media new headlines to write. Might I suggest " Minnesota doesn't look so bad now does it ? " or " Rubio's Choice With Wolves Backfires ". Here's from one Minnesotan rooting for Flynn.
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Posted on: August 31, 2009 6:09 pm

I'm Learning

Though I've never been a fan of Favre (just respected the way he played the game), I've learned to accept his arrival. Yes when I first heard the rumors about him coming to Minnesota, I was in an uproar, but that was mainly because I was letting my dislike of Favre get in the way of the big picture. When I came back to my senses I realized it doesn't matter who's wearing the purple and gold as long as those players are helping the team become successful, and sustaining it. I'm thrilled with the team we have. We have a solid tandem backfield, I don't care what others say, Chester is a perfect compliment back to AP, and whether he is traded or not, I'm going to enjoy the one-two while it lasts. Our O-Line should be improved with the addition of Loadholt, and the development of guys like Sullivan, and Johnson (Chase). We have a nice tight end set up with a guy who can stretch the field and one of the top blockers at the position in the league. Our wideouts to me are still a project, but I like Berrian as our 1, Rice I'm starting to get a lil frustrated with, but I haven't given up, Wade is a solid slot, and if Reynaud makes the final roster, I think his development could really help us when we need more playmakers down the stretch. Harvin is unproven only cause he's a rookie, but I believe with his athletic abilities, and all the games I was able to enjoy watching him play in at Florida, I have very little to question about him. Our Defense is top notch. Front line ? How does Jared Allen, Big Pat, Big Kev, Ray Ray, and B-Rob sound ? Specially the last guy, if he continues to step it up in the preseason, I think we'll have a pretty deep rotation on that front. Linebackers are solid. Leber to me is underrated. Greenway is a beast, and EJ should be back to form now that he's healthy again. The Secondary to me is still a semi concern if only because I still think Griffin is more of a Safety than a corner, though I realize his coverage skills have been improving over the years. I like McCauley, but I know he still has his shortcomings. I like the safety rotation we have now, even with the loss of a ball hawk like Sharper, cause I personally think that loss will be a gain if Tyrell Johnson sees more time on the field this year. I'd like to see what last years pick has to offer us. I guess I'm saying the rest of this to help me even more with accepting the fact that a guy I've disliked for a long while now will probably turn out to be our starter on opening day, but as long as he helps the team find success, that's all I can ask for.

Let's go Vikings, NFC North Champions
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Posted on: August 28, 2009 10:42 am

Favre To Minnesota

So Favre's in Minnesota and already so many people I know are touting us as Super Bowl locks, with a high probability of winning it all. Okay, I understand the optimism, I really do, and with the way our QB situation has been over the years, I understand the " I've had enough " feeling towards that position. But to be honest, apart from the diehard fans that for the most part are pretty logical, reasonable, sane thinking people, most Vikings fans I meet, and know personally are for the most part bandwagon. We have AP, so now all of a sudden we're worth rooting for again ? Okay. Now we sign Favre, and all a sudden " I must buy a ticket! ". Uhm...yeah. If you're going to support your team, support them, don't just say, " hey, we signed Favre, and we have AP, now I can really root for the home team ", I dislike that mentality. It's great you support them, every team needs as much support as they can get, but let's try to be more consistant. Now I'm not calling out anyone on this site, or anyone on the Vikings threads. I respect the people on the Vikings thread, have fav'd many. It's the people I meet in bars, at family events, at friend's houses, etc that really get to me at times because of their flip flop allegiances to their " home team ". We go 8-8, okay I can still support them, they still have AP, we go 4-12, we suck, AP is horrible, we make the playoffs, all of sudden AP for Governor, Childress for Mayor, and let's just put Ziggy in the White House. I only mention what I've mentioned above because of my main topic, the signing of Favre. It's amazing to see how many Minnesotan's all of a sudden " love the Vikings, and have always rooted for them my whole life! ". Really ? So you loved them during the days of Salisbury, Kramer, Walker, etc ? You loved them after we lost to Atlanta in that heartbreaking NFC Title game ? You loved them when we were bad enough to have the chance to draft AP ? No you didn't, you hated them, and called them overpaid giants with no talent whatsoever. I can pretty much support my team no matter what, the fact that I absolutely still am a diehard for the Timberwolves is proof. Have been since their beginnings, I begged to go to the home opener with my parents. Most games I've gone to, we lost, oh well, still love my Wolves. But now that the Wolves are still in re-build mode, they're not worth the time of day, to talk, read, or even mention about. Yet once we start clicking again, " The Wolves rule! ". The Twins are having a less than desired, yet still good season even with the pitching not being so hot at times, yet most people I know now could care less about the Twins because, unless we're in the thick of the playoff race (which we still are now in my op1n1on), " Who cares about the Twins, let's all focus on our bandwagon with Favre! ". Bleh, freeze me, then thaw me when fans are actually allegiant to their team, good and bad. What saves my sanity is that there are still people who care about their team regardless of that team's situation, good or bad. For those fans I am grateful because it's those fans I have the best time talking to because they're at least smart enough to walk into a conversation with some knowledge of the subject. It's pretty bad when you see a person you've known all your life never own a single Vikings jersey, yet now has two AP's, Vikings hats, and wants both the purple, white, and even yellow if he can get it Favre jersey. But as soon as the day comes that's we become sub-par to mediocre to re-building, those jerseys will find their way to back of the closet, the hats will collect dust, and won't even be thought about being worn until the Vikings find success or at least draft another AP like talent to support. Yikes.
Posted on: August 28, 2009 10:25 am

Concepts, and other ideas

For some reason I like em. I like how they look, they're different. I like different, who wants to be the same, put in a category with others. Who doesn't enjoy standing out. That's what I always think of when I see concept cars. A way to stand out and make others turn their heads and talk about what they just saw, a car that's designed to be functional, yet look akward at times. I've always wondered how many concepts actually make it to be assembled. I always see pictures of them in car magazines I pick up every now and again, and always think " who's gonna be the first person to own one of these on the roads ? ". On3 day I'd like to own a concept. Pull up in something that makes people's heads turn. Makes em wonder " how did he get his hands on that ? ". I also wonder when the world will see it's first hydrogen car, or water fueled, or solar powered car that will actually be something that would be available to all in the public to have a chance to own. Not trying to sound like I'm all about making the Earth greener, etc, I like the environment, but also understand the concept of progress, so it's a double edged sword that's kind of tricky to balance one's opinions and thoughts on. But I always wonder when those " cars of the future " are going to make their way to the general public. I guess this popped in my head because lately I've been looking at a lot of pictures online of concepts. They make you laugh, they make you say " what the hell ? ", but overall they get a reaction.  
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Posted on: August 27, 2009 7:10 pm

So found this new group of people

And I'm glad I did cause so far it's been worth the read (with exception to one poster, you know who you are Mr. " Artficial Cow Insemination). But even that person is worth the read cause if anything else, it's ammusing. I know basically nothing about the sport they follow yet they treat me with as much respect/tolerance as any other group I've met. Not sure why I'm blogging this, but figured, give credit where it's due. I have a feeling I'll be laughing a lot if nothing else, and who can't use a little laughter daily ?

Sorry for yet another cheap crack Jags, I promise I'll stop.....till I read your next post.

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